Benchmark Commercial UK are a trading style of Benchmark Mortgage and Finance Ltd and we are able to offer whole of market solutions, to offer our clients the right facility for:

Bridging Finance 

Development Finance 

Commercial Purchases

Overseas Investors

How does it work:


For clarity we always charge our client fees. This fee is only based on the success of finding you a suitable loan that you choose to proceed with, so there is no danger of losing your money to upfront costs.


We charge a fee so in effect we work for you, not the lender. We are not influenced by wanting to only deal with lenders who pay brokers high introduction fees. Our success fee is 1% however we may be open to negotiation on this fee for larger loan amounts.


We pride ourselves in the service we give and knowledge of the industry. 

Our job, is to get you the best deal available – and help get your deal over the line.

Property Development Funding

This is one of our favourite areas and we love to help investors get the finance for their development deals over the line. The market is open to the experienced building companies who have completed projects before and also and the first-time property developer looking for funding and help in securing their first development loan.


We have a lot of contacts in this field who all have their own areas they like to work and specialise in, so the lender that is right for one person’s project, might not be right for the next. We use our huge range of contacts and relationships we have with lenders, along with our knowledge of the sector to achieve the best finance available to maximise the projects and the client’s profit.


The ability to negotiate with lenders is something we will do for our clients where possible as

there are lots of new lenders coming to this market, so choosing the right broker to seek the finance for you can have a big effect on the end result.

Foreign National Mortgages

We are able to access a significant number of lenders who are able to support Foreign Nationals or Ex-Pats who wish to purchase investment property, residential or commercial, in the UK.

We will require the borrower to instruct a UK solicitor and allow their solicitor to provide the anti-money laundering pack to us on completion.

Bridging Finance

Bridging can be used for commercial and residential properties and there are lots of options and potential uses for this type of loan. They usually run for 12 months or less and are often more expensive than typical mortgages. They do allow you to potentially buy properties that would be unable to get a mortgage due to their condition and bridging finance somethimes help to get purchases to completion more quickly.

We work with a wide variety of bridging lenders who each have their own specialist areas like auction finance or maybe refurbishment loans. Are mission in this instance, is to find you the most suitable and cost-effective option for your project.

Commercial Purchases

Mortgages for trading businesses are probably the most competitive sector within the commercial finance industry. Loan to values can reach up to 100%, with interest rates starting from Bank Base + 2%. We are also able to negotiate with your own bank on your behalf.


Key things to consider when using a broker for Commercial Finance:

  1. Whole of Market?

  2. Does the broker understand what you are trying to achieve? 

  3. Any broker should be FCA regulated 

  4. Is their Fee Structure clear?

  5. Are they committed to helping you get your deal over the line?

The products and services promoted here are not part of The Openwork Partnership offering and are offered in our own right. The Openwork Partnership accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business. These products are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Benchmark Mortgage & Finance Ltd are an appointed representative of Commercial Finance Limited who are - Whole of market, NACFB members, FCA registered brokers.